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Alternative sleep methods

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    Alternative sleep methods

    Hello. I've read a lot on the forum about parents having difficulties in getting their babies to sleep. I was just wondering if anyone has found any alternative methods that worked? A friend of mines sister for example used to switch her hoover on to get her baby daughter off to sleep and I've also heard of particular pieces of music being used that have the same effect. I'm curious to see what has worked for different people.


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    I think sometimes it's just what sort of personality your child is! My first fought sleep no matter what we tried. She's still like that at 5! Our second loves sleep. Can sleep in any environment, noisy, quiet, pram, cot, anywhere! I wish I had the magic formula, I might go back for a third!

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    it's hard - you just have to try different #1 could literally sleep ANYWHERE and with whatever noise was going on. my #2 only sleeps well in her crib if I put her: face down on a pillow, surrouded by her 3 bumper guards so she feels there's room to move, but safe, and is a QUIET's strange since she was days only I would let her sleep next to the TV so she'd get used to noise...didn't work out that way though! I'm hoping my #3 will be a good sleeper like #1

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    We went on holidays when my daughter was about 6 weeks old and she fell asleep to the sound of the ocean (we had an apartment right on the beach). We used to play a recording of the ocean after that and it worked (for a while anyway). But generally milk and a cuddle was the normal method. As PP have said, they are all different. OUr son falls asleep easily on his own, his sister generally fought it as she thought something more exciting was going on!

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