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5-month-old sleeps like a newborn!

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    5-month-old sleeps like a newborn!

    Hi ladies...

    1st of all..this forum is awesome! I stumbled upon this website yesterday while googling on baby and sleep so I signed up right away!:yeah2

    My lil guy was sleeping OK for the past couple weeks (6 hrs in a stretch), however, the past few nights- he's been waking up every hour! Well, he's got eczema so he tends to rub his face but his face has actually gotten so much better now so we aren't sure what's waking him up. He seems really uncomfortable..He doesn't sleep much during the day either (3x nap a day - 30-45 minutes long)

    He doesn't have a fever, but I managed to calm him down by feeding him (formula at night, breast milk during the day)..

    Sigh..what should I do??? Thanksssssss momma's!

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    Hey there, omg my little girl is doing the exact same thing! She's waking up every 3 hrs, we just thought she's going through a growth spurt.. I'm completely BFing her tho. I would be interesting to see if other mums have thoughts on this. This is my first baby, so really not sure either.
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    pok fu lam

    I'm having the same issue with my 4 1/2 month old. She has never been a very good sleeper, waking every 1-1.5 hours, less at nap time. I recently started giving her some formula during the day to bring her weight up, and I was hoping it would fill her up and she would sleep longer stretches at night. So far it's mixed, sometimes she goes 3 hours, other times less. Sometimes she is hungry, other times she just needs help getting back to sleep. I am not sure what will get her to sleep longer, maybe once she starts solids? Hopefully she will get there soon, it would be great to stop getting up 6-7 times a night!

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    sounds about right...having just checked my records for my 2nd baby - she started sleeping "long" stretches ie 6 hours at 4mths but this did not become "consistent" i.e. 5/7days a week till 5 1/2 months. at this time she was completely bottle fed with formula and drinking anywhere from 5-7oz each sitting (every 5 hours). she'd skipped the middle of night feeding because she was drinking more but till now (9mths) still drinks at 12mn because she's not a very good eater (solid foods) and gets hungry still if I don't give her 5oz at 12mn. I am working on cutting that out too!

    my first was very good with solids and slept from at 4mths, #2 not so great with solids, but having said that she still sleeps from 8-6am (With a feed at 12mn to ensure she doesn't wake up at 4am for her milk).

    it shouldn't really matter what milk she drinks, but it might just come down to the quantity I patient it will come ! :)

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