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Tsuen Wan Adventist Hospital-My Experience

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    Quote Originally Posted by swiflet412 View Post
    I was booked to give birth at TW Adventist Hospital, but eventually gave birth at PYNH in Chai Wan because I was on an outlying island, accessible only by ferry, when the labour began (at wee hours, around 10 days earlier than expected date) and I had to be helicoptered to the nearest hospital with a landing pad. They considered this as an emergency, so they had to take me in.

    Nonetheless, I was a bit pissed that everybody told me not to scream despite I was so much in agony. (The pain of the contractions was so intense, and I was told it was too late for me to take anything to reduce the pain.) I was reprimanded many times -- during the check-up at the island's clinic and also later at the PYNH. After I gave birth, another mom was wheeled into the birthing room, and she whined a bit -- and she was also reprimanded! I wonder whether it was the custom here??

    The nurses, the midwife and the doctor were very encouraging though when the baby began to come out. But before that, they were quite sharp!

    BTW, yes, my husband was allowed to come along in the birthing room...
    Not sure if you planned to save your baby's cord blood? Right after the baby was born, I asked the staff at PYNH about it, and they flatly said no.

    PYNH has some private or semi-private rooms (more spacious than TW Adv.) and I was lucky that day they had one bed in a three-bed room. The food was very good. Half of the nurses could speak English, and the other half not. The drawback is really the distance from home and where my friends and relatives live.

    thanka2, does TW Adventist Hospital allow you to do whatever you want when the labour comes? I discussed the options with my ob-gyn at the hospital, and I was told I had to go the conventional way. (Though in the end, it made no difference for me, because I could barely stand anymore after the contractions began.)
    Thank you for sharing your experience. All I can say to the question about TW Adventist allowing you to do what you want is "heck no!" It has a lot to do with your doctor but the head midwife flat-out told me that her nurses have very little experience with anything else besides the standard: induce, epidural, continuous monitoring while you lie flat on your back, push the baby out and if it doesn't come use forceps and suction or a c-section.

    So, y'know, hearing about your experience convinces me that I'll make sure that I arrive at the hospital as the baby is crowning. My husband went through an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) course so I'm guessing he can handle delivering the baby in the taxi/car (our friend has volunteered to drive us). I've done a ton of research over the past four months about everything there is to know about home birth and unassisted childbirth. I've spoken with people who have done it and have a lot of good insight. We also have a practical manual/guide that was published by the US government describing the procedures needed as well as a full supply list. So, I'm going to stay home until I'm at least 4-5 cm dilated (and yes, you can check your own dilation--also not rocket science--quite easy to do, actually) and then go to the hospital and let what happens happen.

    I can guarantee you that if anyone in the labor ward (doctor, nurse, midwife, whoever) tries to tell me how or when I can vocalize there really will be hell to pay for them and it will be delivered in fluent Cantonese by my husband. I'm also not above waddling my happy bum right out of the hospital and giving birth on the front steps if they honestly can't show respect. That's just how things are.

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    Good luck to your delivery. Hope it will go the way you wanted. Looking forward to you writing about how it went.

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