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Is placenta delivery with Syntometrine/Syntocinon a common practice in HK?

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    Thanks ladies, for sharing your experiences. I'm going to modify my birth plan a little and suggest that some time be allowed to pass at least before giving me the injection. i think that's fair. but good to know that people who have taken it haven't had bad reactions to it.

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    Just a bit of info that might help with making a more informed decision - though your obstetrician should probably be giving you this info ....

    The World Health Organisation recommends use of uterotonic (eg oxytocin) for active management in the third stage of labour - this has been associated with lower incidence of postpartum haemorrhage, less blood loss and reduced risk of blood transfusion.

    Some trials have also shown reduced incidence of retained placenta (management for this if utertonics fail is manual removal - ie hand up your vagina and in the uterus to remove it! i don't know bout you but i'd like to avoid this at all costs!).

    This Emedicine article has quite a good run down of the evidence based pros/cons and explanations for active management in the third stage of labour.

    Active management also considers early vs late cord clamping , and there is controversy over this with more research required. The WHO states that delayed cord clamping (1-3mins) may be beneficial for the baby, but only in the appropriate setting with skilled health-care providers. (i once heard a story of a homebirth where the couple wanted delayed cord clamping - the mother delivered on the floor, and after the baby was born the father was standing up and holding it up - obviously with gravity all the blood went from the baby to the placenta and baby got quite sick! a bit of common sense might have helped!).

    WHO on timing of cord clamping:

    So obviously it's up to each individual what they want to do, but the general recommendations are to use oxytocin (i suppose there's a reason why it is considered "routine" in most institutions) and more research is required for timing of cord clamping.

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