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I just visited the maternity ward at Baptist (which I wrote about in a separate post). And I asked the nurses about standing / walking around during labor and they were like "women don't do that." Sigh.
It's good that you're at peace. I'm sure it will all be fine. Best of luck to you!
Sad, but doesn't surprise me at all. The mentality toward birth in Hong Kong, across the board, is what it is. Until there is some sort of advancement in thinking here (beyond 1950) things won't change. Unfortunately, the people with the greatest potential to be agents of change (midwives educated to do the work of a midwife--not just work as an obstetric nurse) aren't even really a part of the system. Sure, we've got Annerly Midwives here but they aren't a functioning part of the decision making in any of the hospitals in HK--just on the outside fringes serving private clients and helping them to cope with the burdensome constraints of the hospitals here. Anywhere, any time a change truly happens in the maternity system (for the better) it's usually a very dedicated group of midwives who get it done and prove it's value. Doctors just want you in and out so they can get to their golf date.