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Child care in New Territories--18 month old

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    Quote Originally Posted by ocean419 View Post
    When I hired my helped, I interviewed her and brought her home for 1/2 day just to try her out. I ask her to do some basic cleaning, cook a simple meal and we even sat down together to eat lunch and had a good chat about her family background. Honestly I just don't see how I can make the commitment to let some stranger stay with us and look after our newborn without getting to know her a little better. Ask the agency if they will be able to arrange this for you.
    This only works if you're hiring a helper who is coming off of another contract and is still in Hong Kong--the helper either finished their full contract and is looking for a new employer or they were terminated (fired) from their previous post. In either case the helper has two weeks before she needs to be repatriated to the Philippines, regardless of whether she finds a new employer or not. We hired our helper after an extensive interview on Skype where she was able to answer all of my specific questions to my satisfaction. She has been amazing but I did hire her "sight unseen." Sometimes the helper that would be best for your family may not already be here in Hong Kong--agencies don't bring helpers over unless they've secured employment for them--the ones that are already here in the city are the exception to the rule.

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    I personally thinks that when u r looking for a helper, referral is the best, see if you or ur husband's friends can help out, i had some bad experience with agency in the past. Finally I found one through a friend's helper, and she is a good and caring lady. Look for one that has children of her own, it is much easier. I also find it better if the helper are somewhat new to Hong Kong, that way they don't have much friends and are less likely to be out late and they tend to be more concentrated (less phone calls ) !!!

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