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Recommendations of Kindergartens in Ma On Shan (NT)

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    Recommendations of Kindergartens in Ma On Shan (NT)

    Hi mummies!

    We just arrived in HK a week ago and most probably will settle down in Ma On Shan (NT), my husband's office at Shatin. I have 2 toddler boys, elder is 3 years 4 months old and younger boy is 21 month old.

    I would love to make new friends and meet mummies who stay around here. And also, i would love to have feedbacks/ recommendations on kindergartens. As what i know, there are a few international kindys around this region, such as Greenfield, Wellborn, ESF Wu Kai Sha, Think International.. Are there others more?

    My ideal is to have them attend bilingual school that teaches Chinese in simplified version. Prior to HK, we have been staying at Beijing for 2 years and my elder boy is very well-versed in Mandarin and he can even read and write in Chinese.

    Any feedback or link is much appreciated! Thank you!


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    hi there,
    i live in ma on shan too.there is one not in ur list is boxhill kindergarten. what i know is esf one and boxhill are more or less like same less chinese more english.welborn/think are international (english) but chinese style teaching.greenfied/good health i dont like these...

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    Hi we have just moved back to HK from Canada. I have a boy he is 2 yrs 5 months. Sure would b great if we can meet n the kids can play. Btw I am placing my boy in ESF in Ma On Shan

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