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Moving from San Francisco to HK in May - Do I need to bring a car seat over?

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    ssheng is offline Registered User
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    Jun 2009
    Kowloon Station

    We're from the Bay area, too, and live in Kowloon Station. DB is a lovely place to live, but I suggest you let your husband settle into his new job before making a commitment so far from Central (as compared to your other options). If he has a finance/legal job, you might find that the working hours in HK are a lot longer than in the US. I know from experience that when you've been forced to stay at work until 3am you just want to jump in a cab and be home in under 15 minutes. That being said, maybe you guys won't mind the commute - many people do not.

    I don't know about pre-schools in DB, but in Kowloon Station there is a PIPs and it was very easy to get in to their playgroup, which graduates directly into the pre-school.

    As for rentals in Kln Stn area, you can get 1000+ for your price range. You can try surfing online to look at some options. I like the photos on, and they can connect you easily to one of their agents, but I think some of the other websites have better prices. Some people had good luck with Yahoo HK real estate listings, although I think you need to be able to read Chinese. No matter what tho, all your choices sound like promising ones. Good luck and welcome to HK! :)

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    It might be Century21? We have just signed with Carol @ EPS - she has been brilliant. Starbucks - you know me from the other post. So Siena fell through and we have signed a tenancy today with a property in La Serene. I think we move at the beginning of May or end April.

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    thanks moms! I will look into at those options and websites!

    thanks! very helpful. I don't like the commute and definitely expect my husband to work long hours. I think kowloon station is awesome, but my husband seem to like parkview based on the pics and internet. we will consider db too. but I guess we will just have to figure out our trade off + priority!

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