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Playtex Drop-in Bottles for long flights

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    glad to come across this discussion, as i was thinking of using the playtex bottles for our upcoming trip to canada... have been exclusively breastfeeding until I return to work recently so bottles are quite a new thing to me. i know it's best to breastfeed on board, which i've done so in our recent trip to Bangkok but I want to have a backup plan just in case, will be bringing the easy feed pre-mix formula from HIPP on board so hope along with the Playtex bottles it would be less hassle if we do need to bottle feed.

    i read from the box that the teats are “disposable” and was wondering that's a lot of stuff to throw away after each feed... so i guess from everyone’s experience above it's ok to wash & reuse right? Won’t be bringing a sterilizer for this trip, hope boiling it with hot water kettle is ok, baby will be 6months by the time we travel to Canada.

    @southside852, i was checking out the playtex bottle & liners @citysuper and they are selling both the drop-in and standard liners but you have to buy a box of 100. they have the slow & fast teats but no medium flow.

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    yes, they come in 100 too in singapore - haven't seen the medium teats either so had my parents bring the bottles, liners and both medium and fast teats for my son to try out. i didn't read anywhere that the teats were disposable - where did you read this? on their website? i bought 6 of each teat type and then will dunk in hot water w/bottle cleanser as needed.

    hope to test them out when we go to chiang mai end of april. will transition him a couple of days before we depart to get him used to them. if these bottles work, it will be a miracle and save us so much space in our carry ons!!! crossing my fingers that he takes to them!

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