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Best Child Friendly Activities in HK

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    Best Child Friendly Activities in HK

    A friend and I have decided to take the next few weeks to explore HK a bit more now that the weather is a bit warmer and more pleasant to be out and about. I'd love to hear some suggestions on parks or activities... so far these are some of the things we've done:

    Victoria Park (HK Flower Show)
    Strawberry Picking
    Lavender Gardens
    Waterfront Park
    Jordan Valley Park

    I'm willing to go anywhere...

    What could we do on Cheung Chau or Lamma or Lantau? How do I find out about the dolphin cruise?


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    for dolphin watching, just head to Tai O (the village on stilts) on Lantau. if you wander through the village, you will see ladies standing by their signs offering their services... just like in sai kung on weekends.

    cable car to big buddha

    flower market/bird market in prince edward

    kadoorie farm in tai po

    hoi ha beach (just up from where we live)

    tap mun island, short hike to see "balanced rock"...take the ferry from wong shek pier (pack a lunch) and then follow the signs to balanced rock. the entire walk took us about an hour or so and then ferry back to wong shek pier. (call me if you want to drive and park at the pier, i'll get you a permit for your car). we took my kids about a year ago and they still talk about "balanced rock".

    hire one of the boats from the old ladies in sai kung. get them to take you to a deserted beach where you can collect seashells for 30-45 minutes and then they will pick you up and take you back to town.

    dim sum at jumbo floating restaurant. it is one of my kids' favourite places for lunch. they LOVE taking the little boat to the restaurant and back again.

    zoological and botanical gardens in central.

    "hike" around the peak.

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    I think kadorie is worth going. You should go up to the top, the view is fantastic.

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    I am hoping someone in this thread would be able to help? I have a 6 month old and amreally struggling to come up with things we can do during the really hot weather. We've got pools here but he only tends to want to stay in for about 30 mins each time then gets tired or grumpy. I'm a bit reluctant to take him earlier than 3pm but sometimes it's even too hot then......

    I really need baby friendly activities for my own sanity too!!


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    Any friends with babies? I tend to meet up with a small group and we go from one house to the next! Nice to have different toys each time. Also nice to have a coffee with friends in a similar situation - in an air-conditioned space!!!

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