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29 weeks pregnant and without any booking

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    29 weeks pregnant and without any booking

    Hi All,

    i have been going to dr. ghosh for pre-natal check ups and the offered us a matilda booking last year.
    we were about to move overseas and hence we did not pay the deposit. now it turns out that we will stay here in Hk for a few years.

    I tried to book matilda for June 1st week and they have put me on waitinglist.
    I have not registered with any local hospital either. I am now getting stressed about what to do. I have been following up with dr ghosh clinic but they say i am still on waiting list.

    I really want to have the dleivery through dr. ghosh and know that he just works in matilda.
    Please suggest what shall I do now?
    What hospitals (private) I can try. we live in tung chung so i know everywhere is going to be far. shall I wait for matilda 1-2 weeks more before registering at a public hospital?
    Which other good hospitals do you think we can try.
    If matilda (and hence dr. ghosh) does not work out, pleas suggest some other good hospitals and doctors which I can try now.
    I am 29 weeks pregnant and everything on the hospital issue seems to be uncertain.

    Thanks a lot for your help

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    lesliefu is offline Registered User
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    to be honest, private will be quite difficult at this stage - you will have to find another OBGYN and they will have to get you the will be hard but of course not impossible. i am unsure of how the public system works - but can't you register there and decide not to deliver there if matilda has space? it is surprising that as dr ghosh's patient you don't have priority since he's a resident doctor at matilda - i'd assume you'll get a space eventually and shouldn't need to worry.

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    newhkmommy is offline Registered User
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    i am also a patient of dr ghosh and at 28 weeks. on waitlist for matilda but have a booking at queen mary (in the private wing, i believe). i am going to be hi-risk, so will have to go to queen mary anyways if i deliver before 34 weeks. this is my 3rd baby (1st in hk) -- i am a strong believer in having a great ob and/or doctors rather than a comfy facility ... while matilda would be great i think i would receive very good care at queen mary, too. fyi, i have been seeing a doctor at queen mary in addition to dr ghosh.

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    AndreaSB is offline Registered User
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    I have heard it's not uncommon for Matilda to confirm in the last 4-6 weeks. I am also on the waiting list for Sept. Have you looked at Adventist?

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