My daughter is in Discovery Montessori School for a year in playgroup, next week in Little Casa (nursery). I was quite happy and proud of the school and their high quality but for this new period I am very disappointed... the new staff lack profesionalism as almost none of them has Montessori training, which it is what one is paying for, isn't it?

That said, I have been looking into the other schools around and I would like some updated opinions about DMK. My daughter seems to loves it, I cannot even walk in front of their premises because she just throw a tantrum wanting to get in and stay, also the fact that it is a real bilingual school (3d English, 2d Potonghua, then from K1 onward half day for each language) and that they encourage group work as well as individual work (in oppose to Montessori where the child must work alone in his activity and cannot socialise with the other kids until play time) is quite a catch specially because my daughter is such a social person.

Also DMK do not request Debenture which it makes me feel less used as I know it is a business but some schools in HK are not that commited to education but for the money.

Thanks for any intake.

Thanks heaps