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Rice cereal

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    We use healthy times because it was recommended by our pediatrician.

    Forgot to say in my last post that spoon feeding is definitely better than bottle feeding. Babies need to learn to eat with a spoon.
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    I wanted to feed more natural food to my baby, as I am breastfeeding, so I got him a box of Organix Baby Rice cereal (green box, can be found on ParkNShop). It is made of brown rice, and has nothing added in it (not even iron). If you want iron enriched, there is one from Nestle (I think) in a blue box.

    For flavor, I just add my own pureed fruit/veggy in the cereal.

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    I gave my LO Bellamy's Rice Cereal until recently, iron-fortified. Once you add egg yolk/meat into baby's diet, then homemade rice cereal is good too. I ground up some barley rice into powder (using my blender spice mill attachment) and so far so good.

    spoon feed for sure. the first month or so baby is really learning to eat in a different way. purees with a spoon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blessed View Post
    our baby is 5.5mths now and has started staring at us intensely when we are eating, planning to start rice cereal for him over the weekend, any suggestions on which brand to choose? we have the sample packs from nestle but heard from some friends healthy times is good? does it matter is it says rice cereal or brown rice cereal?
    I think i have those sample packs of rice cereal too from nestle. Once i look carefully that it is manufacture from Helongjiang in China, i dont want to give it to my baby. I'm not those everything organic kind of mum if you know what i mean, but from Helongjiang, no. I think i'm fine with places like Shanghai or Beijing.

    If yours are not from Helongjiang, then i think it should be okay.

    I'm not trying to scare anymum out there not to give nestle rice cereal, but Helongjiang this place i just doesnt want to risk.

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    As others have said, rice cereal is vitamin fortified so that's why it is better than congee.

    That said, rice is one of the foods that can cause constipation (the four main ones are Banana, Rice, Apples and Toast - hence the "BRAT" diet for helping with diarrhea) - and if your baby is prone to constipation, you might prefer to start on another grain, such as oats. My 8 month old has been VERY constipated since starting solids and I'm still trying to fix that problem by altering her diet, but personally, I think it's probably better to just start with oat from the beginning. Constipation is a VERY common problem with starting solids...

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    blessed is offline Registered User
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    Mar 2010
    hong kong

    thanks ladies, i've got both the oat & rice cereal from healthy times... look forward to trying it out... spoon feeding time shall begin =)

    @taysty - i've checked my sample pack from nestle and they are from helongjiang, also checked the nestle tins from supermarket & they are from the same area, so healthy times it is...

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    I would choose brown rice . According to this website, brown rice is much more nutritious than white rice.

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