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Popping noise when baby kicks

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    Popping noise when baby kicks

    Weird question!!! Has anyone experienced a popping noise when being kicked hard by baby? I had it happen twice about a week ago right when baby kicked it sounds like when you click your tongue or crack a knuckle. I was so sure it couldn't have come from my tummy I though one of my dogs had gas. (no i did not :p) I ignored it and just tonight, it happened again. I'm almost 34 weeks. I KNOW it came from my tummy so I GOOGLED it and apparently there are other women out there that have had the same thing happen but whenever they have asked their midwife/doctor, they couldn't explain. It is the weirdest thing ever!! Any other women experience something similar??

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    Hi jada511 :)

    I had to reply because I felt that people gave me odd looks when I told them about a clicking/popping noise I heard frequently from my tummy (not gas!) during late pregnancy (3rd trimester!). It happened spontaneously but sometimes it happened whenever I leaned forward, putting pressure on the baby. I wondered if I was cracking his joints ;) Anyway, nobody I knew ever had that happen to them and like you, I also googled it but didn't get any satisfaction from the results! I asked my OB - it was SO long ago but I roughly recall her saying that it could be a tiny, protruding flap attached to one of your chest bones/ribs that moved whenever the uterus moved against it. I can't remember exactly and honestly don't know... But baby was born and I never heard that sound again, from either me or baby, so there you go - one of life's unsolved mysteries ;) But nothing to worry about - and if you were worried about imagining things, you didn't!

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