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A slow start to starting solids

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    A slow start to starting solids

    We started weaning our son at 5.5 months as he was almost 10 kg then and we felt formula feeds were not enough. We are on our 3rd week of rice cereal and apple sauce and he's still not quite getting the whole swallowing thing down. This is our 2nd child and I don't recall this stage taking this long with our first son. I know every child is different, but I think it took my first son just a week to learn how to swallow. Our 2nd son has tried carrots, apple sauce, and peas with all the same result. He hates being fed and kind of does a licking action with the food. Is this normal? Is he just not ready and I should take a break from it? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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    It is normal - some kids can take a month or more. My daughter had other issues (cleft palate and upper airway obstruction) and we needed to see an occupational therapist and use a special needs spoon before she could figure it out, after about 4-6 weeks of trying. You can either take a break and try again a week or two later (it's not going to harm him) - or you can keep offering and that way he gets the practice. There's a saying, "Food is for fun until they are one" - it doesn't REALLY matter how much solids he is getting at this stage, as long as he's still drinking the formula well. He WILL get it eventually :) One day it will just click and he'll start eating entire bowls of food.

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