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Stretch mark prevention

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    southside852 is offline Registered User
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    Dec 2008

    used Mamma Mio too - felt wonderful when applied after shower. My stretch marks were not too bad, but not sure if that's b/c of genetics or cream - most likely a combination of both. the itching started for me in the last trimester....

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    elle is offline Registered User
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    May 2010
    hk south side

    As noted by others, genetics plays a big part. But its not conclusive and things like amount of weight gained and the pace at which you put on weight also play a role, at least according to my OB/GYN. My mother has quite a bit of stretch marks, I don't have any. I used cocoa butter to relieve itchiness, but don't think it had anything to do with preventing the marks. Throughout my pregnancy I ate really healthily and drank plenty of water (I did before becoming pregnant also) and did a moderate amount of exercise (at least 5 days per week, alternating 30-45 minute brisk walks with dogs, light weight training, pilates (switched to prenatal pilates at 7 months) and yoga). Creams and oils may feel nice and keep skin from getting itchy, but there's no scientific evidence that they do anything to prevent stretch marks.

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    banane76 is offline Registered User
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    Mar 2009
    Hong Kong

    Genetics definitely play a part but doesn't hurt to moisturize. I used Mama Mio and now I'm using Mambino Organics belly butter--love the smell of it. My stretch marks didn't happen til late 3rd trimester so yes at first I was gutted, but now have resigned to the fact that this bubba is just much bigger than my first and my belly just has grown outwards big time! I haven't gained that much weight and didn't get any marks in my first pregnancy. Part of being a mummy and glad they do fade. The itching has started later too and I just rub more belly butter to help with it.

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    ssheng is offline Registered User
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    Jun 2009
    Kowloon Station

    I also asked my OBGYN about this and she said the same thing as Elle's - it depends on how quickly you gain weight and therefore how fast your skin's elasticity can keep up with you. My doc also mentioned that she found that younger women tended to get more stretchmarks, whereas older women did not...finally a perk to being more mature when you have your baby. :) I did get stretchmarks that I didn't even notice until the baby was born and my stomach started to deflate. They were on the lower sides of the belly below the belly button and I guess the stretched skin made them look/feel flatter (plus it's a harder area to see when your stomach is huge). But as many people noted, they fade significantly after birth, and you will not care about them as much as you thought you would pre-baby. I think having a child is such a joy that looking your 'best', whatever that may mean to you, suddenly falls far below in priority. Good luck to you!

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    capital is offline Banned
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    May 2004

    I have 3 children and not 1 single stretch mark, I gained a normal amount of weight and attribute it all to good genetics. My mom I don't htink has any stretch marks (4 kids). My sister had only 1 or 2 (3 kids). I didn't really use creams. I only used body butter from body shop occasionally after a bath during the winter for the itchy dry skin. I don't think that had anything to do with the lack of stretch marks.

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    starbucks2 is offline Registered User
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    May 2009
    Hong Kong

    I had two big babies, and occasionally applied Bio-oil and never got any stretch marks. Think I was just lucky. In my view it is ALL about genetics and nothing to do with size of baby.

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    Sazzy is offline Registered User
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    Feb 2009
    Hong Kong

    Two babies and no stretch marks. I used Clarins Body Treatment Oil

    I started using it when I started to get bigger and then morning and nighttime during the last trimester and when it got itchy. I have one bottle left over for sale if you want to buy it off me..........??

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    hkmom1 is offline Registered User
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    Jan 2010
    causeway bay

    I really liked the burts bees mama bee belly butter. used it religiously and zero stretch marks.

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