I have a hardworking, humble and loyal Indonesian helper with good English to recommend.

I hired her because existing Filippino helper said she needs to go back to Philippines to get married and won't be renewing her contract. But now her plans have changed and would like to renew, and on the basis that our kids love her to bits we have decided to renew and terminate this new Indonesian helper's contract because we can't afford two helpers.

* Good English for an Indonesian helper
* Hardworking and fast (I have to force her to take breaks!! Always finding things to do herself, been washing my kitchen extractor fan and things I never usually touch everyday on top of the usual routine)
* Loyal and humble
* Polite and always smiley
* Never on the mobile phone (like most Filippino helpers)

* Its her first time in HK so need to guide her around (e.g. marketing, school runs)
* Need to spend time training her although basic housechores (e.g. cleaning, dusting) she can handle fantastically

I honestly have nothing to gain from this, I have already paid the agency fee and even if you hire her I still need to go through the one month's notice process and give her money for flight back home as per contract. But because I know she is a great person and is a very hardworking helper who needs the money to support her family (4 yr old daughter at home) I would like to help her find a new employer as much as I can.

New employer just need to find an agency to sort out her visa etc (should cost around $2500-3000) she will exit HK and stay in Macau for a week or two until her new visa comes out, then she will be able to start work straight away.

She hasn't got a mobile and doesn't know HK well, so if you are interested please call me 66755819 to arrange for interviews.