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New Arrivals--Schools with places for Fall of '11?

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    New Arrivals--Schools with places for Fall of '11?


    First, it's not for me. We got our papers in and are sweating out the postman until we hear back from all our schools. But earlier today I ran into a recent arrival to Hong Kong who is struggling at the "last minute" to get their applications into various schools. They've gone through the list of 'usual suspects' and applied, but have been told it is highly unlikely they'll get places at schools like HKIS, GSIS, etc.

    I was wondering if anyone knows of any schools that still might have places or they should consider applying at this late date? I recommended the Delia School, Hong Kong Academy and Kiangsu & Chekiang as a few that might be worth pursing. Anyone have any other suggestions?

    I was also wondering if there are any ESF primary schools that might have some extra places? The person I met is willing to live just about anywhere in Hong Kong so they'll move to an area if they can sort out the schools (or if there is a good chance the ESF might still have some openings).

    Figured it might be good to start a thread on this as the Summer comes around and the new crop of June/July bankers arrive.

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    depending on the age of the child - I would say Woodlands (2-5yrs) would probably have spaces for Fall '11 if you apply now...Tutor time (2-6yrs) would also have some space. If you're talking about older kids - primary / secondary school...maybe Discovery Bay school / International Montessori (could be tough too) / American International (if you're American passport holder)...might have space - but it IS kind of late to apply now since parents are getting acceptance notifications now as we speak for most schools...perhaps it would be entering at Spring 11 that would work for some schools, where kids might leave mid-semester....

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    PIPS at Parkview is starting a 5-6yrs class in Sept 2011 if that helps anyone.

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    Pretty sure DB will be next to impossible, unless it's Discovery College (secondary), you might have a chance. Look at less popular schools, like Delia School of Canada, Korean International School, Harbor School, American International School, Japanese International School, Norwegian, HLY International School (the last few are all in NT though). Should give you slightly better chances but especially in the lower Primary years it's quite tough all around. Most people haven't informed schools that they're leaving yet, nobody will give up a spot until they absolutely have to and are 100% sure. After Easter most schools will starting to get a better picture.

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    You could try Zebedee International if you are interested in K1-K3, they may still have spaces and it seems like a good school.

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