There is a downloadable guide called The Practical Guide for Employment of Foreign Domestic Helpers and this is a quote from chapter 4 regarding statutory holidays. You will see that all statutory holidays listed must be given to domestic helpers regardless of their length of service (so there is no 3 month waiting period) and if the helper has worked over 3 months she will receive those holidays as paid leave. Easter is not on the list but as it is considered a sacred holiday to my helper (and to my family as well) I feel that giving extra time off is appropriate. I always find that giving more time off, rather than less, is the best way to go. I believe generosity is its own reward and goes a long way in creating a great working relationship. I think that employers who are stingy (not saying anyone here is but I do know a lot of local employers who are) with their helpers are just setting themselves up for trouble.


For both employer and helper

Q4.5 How long should a helper work before he/she can enjoy the statutory
holidays in a year?

A  All foreign domestic helpers, irrespective of their length of services, are
entitled to the following 12 statutory holidays in a year –
 The first day of January;
 Lunar New Year’s Day;
 The second day of Lunar New Year;
 The third day of Lunar New Year;
 Ching Ming Festival;
 The first day of May;
 Tuen Ng Festival;
 The day following the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival;
 Chung Yeung Festival;
 Chinese Winter Solstice Festival or Christmas Day (at the option of
the employer);
 The first day of July; and
 The first day of October.
 If the helper has been employed continuously by the employer for three
months preceding any of these holidays, he/she is entitled to the holiday