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Full-time mum

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    lizliz is offline Registered User
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    Forget about your career.

    I am a mum n hv a half year old baby. It's a really hard work. Maybe doesn't sound that hard to your husband because what they see is: u feeding ur baby, lying in bed, eating, drinking, sleeping.

    But it's hard work and mentally will drive you crazy coz u won't be able to hv time for yourself specially if u choose breast feeding your baby.

    Although I sound like complaining, still, worth to do it because it's the best for the baby rather than hire a maid

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    Nayeli is offline Registered User
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    Hi Sallyhammer,

    I used to work and since we came to hk I stay at home with my son, he's 18 months old now. I truly enjoy being with him and I realize that is the best, I've seen it, no helper is going to raise my son the way I want to, but still some days are incredibly tough and stressful, so much more than all the jobs I've had, being a mum is a constant test and sometimes I miss being part of something, put my "other skills" in practice and even having colleagues who talk about completly different things.

    if you like your job so much, don't quit! maybe you could cut back hours from work and keep a part time position?, it is not for everyone to stay at home with a baby, and only you will know what's best and what can make you a better mum, you could try to see how it goes with a part time job and then decide.

    I agree with katfroggat, if you decide to quit you shouldn't do it until you are pregnant.

    Good luck!

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