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Sleep training recommendation

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    Sleep training recommendation

    Hi, after months of sleepless nights I followed a sleep guide from a book I bought and had great success, so I wanted to share it.

    The book is 'The Sleepeasy Solution' by Jennifer Waldburger and Jill Spivack.

    It guaranteed results in less than a week. This was not the reason I bought it - I didn't actually believe the claim - but I was amazed that I had my baby weaned and sleeping through the night within no time at all.

    The biggest problem I had with my baby - 4 months old at the time I started the sleep training - was that he couldn't settle himself to sleep. He would not go down awake so had to be rocked to sleep. If he woke up when you were putting him down he'd start crying and you were back to square one. Sometimes it took hours to get him to go down in the evenings. It also meant that when he woke up during the night he wouldn't go back to sleep easily - sometimes even rocking wouldn't work so he'd wake up at 3:30, for example, and I'd be up to 6:30 with him. Exhausting.

    I had never wanted to make him cry it out but it got to the point where I was so exhausted I started to think I needed to do that. I don't know all of the sleep training theories and names, but to me this one seems like a more supportive cry it out. Anyway, I was very worried about doing it as I couldn't bear the thought of my baby in distress, but it was so easy and worked so well. The first night he cried for an hour (not very distressed crying) before he went to sleep, with me checking in on him every so often, then the second night he only cried for 6 minutes. Now he even smiles at me when I put him to bed. Sometimes he protests for 5 or 10 minutes but other times he goes to sleep without a sound.

    Part of the sleep training is also weaning off night feeds. This wasn't my prime reason for sleep training as I didn't necessarily think that he didn't need the night feed, but I followed the weaning program and since then he slept through the night and has every night since. I did the training 3 weeks ago.

    I know I sound a bit like an advert but I really am thrilled with my new life of getting 6 or 7 consolidated hours sleep every night (I feel like a different person) and I am honestly amazed at how well it worked.

    It may be that I just have an easy baby (easy for this anyway - believe me, the first 3 and a half months were very difficult) but I would recommend this sleep training guide to anyone.

    It also has a guide to naps, which I am finding much harder, but with a good night's sleep every night it makes the daytime challenges much more bearable.

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    That's funny, I've never read the book but that sums up many of my personal opinions pretty well - including the night weaning idea. I've been blessed with two fairly good night-sleepers, although they are not fantastic nappers!!

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    augustbump is offline Registered User
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    thanks Liquorice for sharing the book info..i am so definitely going to get it..

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    thanks - will look it up. my 18month old baby has been crying on and off in her sleep for the last few months which meant i have to get up at least 5 times a night!! - total sleep deprived.

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    Another really good book I read is 'Happiest Baby on the Block' by Dr Harvey Karp (American) which advocates swaddling amongst other techniques, and after I tried swaddling my baby (2 months) properly she slept 6 hours that night for the first time!

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    I have heard conflicting information about swaddling-- The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding says it's better not to do it, and in Dr. Sears' The Baby Books says that swaddling for many hours is not the best. Of course I have also read that it works wonders in calming babies. I have no experience yet, just wondering what experiences mothers have had with swaddling?

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    My son had reflux and was a bad sleeper. A lot of people suggested swaddling. I tried it but my son didn't like it. He wanted his hands out. I think you can try it and see if it works for your baby.

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