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Montessori school & International school

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    Question Montessori school & International school

    Dear all,

    We are moving back from US to HK in June and I am desperate in looking for a shcool for my 4 years old and hopefully he can starts in Aug/Sept this year. I am not familiar with the school system in HK at all. Would appreciate any of you can help on the following:

    1. In such of short time, what montessori or international school will provide a higher chance of admission?

    2. Any body can give comment on International montessori school and American international school?? My boy is going to a montessori school in the US and we are very happy about it. I am familiar with the montessori concept and practice but not sure if we can find a GOOD montessori school in HK and about other alternatives of international school

    3. Heard about something like ESF - does it mean local school but taught kids in English?? The international school in not included in ESF??

    4. I am worry about having my kid to study in HK - whether it is worse than in teh kid is actually mixed - half HK and half US blood. What is your opinion of education in HK??

    5. Any suggestion of a GOOD and REAL montessori school in HK??

    6. I heard about Yew Chung International school but they said they are full. Is it worth to apply anyways and wait?? Not sure how long will have to wait and any idea about the possibility of admission?? If there is no chance at all (no turnover in school), better save the application fee??

    7. Concerning interview of international school and montessori school in HK, do they normally interview BOTH kid and parents or only parents?? Is it a must for both parent to attend the interview??

    I know my questions may sounds funny to some of you...but really appreciate any advice as I am very desperate now and afraid that there will be NO school for my son....thanks a lot

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    IMS is what you're looking for if you want a true montessori approach.

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    Agree, IMS offers the strongest Montessori program, as they are the only Montessori school to offer both kiddy and primary programs. Their newest campus has full playground and outdoor garden and facilities, and they offer total immersion mandarin-English environment with 2 teachers at all times. But very hard to get into, as they have a strong track record of admissions into the international schools.

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