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Experience of training a direct hire from Philippine

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    Well I guess there is no sure answer. We will fly the candidate here for a few days and hope we can get a good sense of how good she is. At least we get the feeling that she is keen to work and to learn and is ok with the heavy workload.
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    Matemate has a good point. The problem with the first try wasn't just that she was a direct hire from the Philippines. It was also that she had a lower level of education, was from a remote area, was quite young, and had only a few years experience as a helper in Manila.

    The one we chose is also coming from the PH, though she's been in HK before. She has a college degree, is a bit older and more experienced. So it also has to do with the individual. Good luck to you!

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    Hi, does anyone has referal on Existing Helpers for a "test run" interview - URGENT!!!!
    I am urgently looking for a DH that will handle childcare and cooking as priority.
    I would prefer if she could go through few hours or a day of "test run" on one of the weekends on her experiences in childcare handling and if the cooking is edible before hiring.

    If you have referrals on such candidate who's keen to do that , please contact me asap.
    My child is currently 15mths old and we are a small family of 3.

    Would prefer the DH to have the following profile:
    - Experienced working in HK
    - Age 30 and above
    - Married with kids
    - Is willing to “reset” herself from her ex-employer’s habits and
    afresh memory to adapt to new family lifestyle
    - good and patient in handling cranky toddler during illness and all
    - Can cook toddler and adult meals

    Thanks a million!

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