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Public hospital First appointment vs private

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    happiness is offline Registered User
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    Feb 2011
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    Its difficult to know what to do here I guess!! Its not as easy to get information as I thought it would- I guess the language barrier is a problem also. I understand that cost is a huge factor, as it is so expensive - this is my main reason for going to POW, also they are the University hospital and I believe if complications beyond a c section arise the baby will be sent there for specialist care(or whichever public hospital is closest). I've been attending the hospital clinic(only once so far) but am thinking of going to a private OB just for my own peace of mind so that the same doctor sees me throughout the pregnancy and can (hopefully) keep a close eye on me!! I hope all goes well for you in the next few weeks - very exciting times ahead :)

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    andrea1971 is offline Registered User
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    down's visit done now!

    hi all. thanks for help so far! I have now had my first visit at POW, usual weight , BP etc. had NT ultrasound, all great!

    Only thing that worries me STILL is lack of communication. They took blood for Downs scan. But i still dont know if they are testing for Hep, Rubella, HIV etc etc. I did ask but was unsure of answer! my fault! nerves. I am going to my private OB in two weeks, but im meantime can anyone advise if i can assume test is done in combination with Downs blood test? i have been told these tests are mandatory in HK at the first visit, but seems so many different practices!

    I may just go back to POW and ask! my own fault for nerves at downs visit!

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    tsubasa is offline Registered User
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    I also am registered at POW and due in August. For me, they sent me to their clinic at Lik Yuen for the first check-up and blood tests but had the Down's ultrasound and blood test at the hospital. It was actually on the same day, but I think that was just chance. So based on my experience, I would not assume the other blood testing was done with the Down's test. They also needed quite a bit of blood to do them, as I remember. However, a previous poster said she had them all done at POW hospital, so who knows. Better just ask.
    They gave me a whole lot of info. on what kind of blood testing they were doing at the clinic, in English thankfully, so I am thinking they probably haven't done all the other tests for you there.

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