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Bringing up baby bilingual

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    I grew up bilingual -- Cantonese at home with mom and dad, and English outside the home. This is typical for an immigrant family.
    Sure, we mixed things up when we were young. And our relatives laughed at our non-pure Cantonese when we came back to HK in the summers. But I think it's a little much to ask for perfection.
    When the kids grow up, they'll be able to sort of the languages more clearly. But when they're young, I wouldn't worry about mixing and matching.
    After all, kids learn by playing. I feel lucky that I learned 2 languages naturally and painlessly.

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    I speak English to my son and my husband and relatives speak Cantonese to him. He understands me but prefers using Cantonese so far.

    I grew up speaking cantonese to my mom, mandarin to my dad, thai to the helper and friends and English at school.

    I think its easier on the child if you make sure one caregiver speaks one language.

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    and we make use of the same voucher as thanka... our kids kindergarten fees for half-day? FREE! our kids fees for full-day (8-5:30 is the maximum ~ you can drop the kids off any time between 8-8:45 and pick them up anytime from 4-5:30!)? $817 per child!!!

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