Hi Everyone -

We just moved to HK about a week ago from London and our Bug Chameleon is still packed away in the transport bag in fear of being thrown off the streets of HK and taxis!

We've been using the Maclaren Techno to get around so far (not that its much easier to get in and out of taxis with a baby in the Techno either but seems to kinda work if you're wearing a carrier as well...) as I'm just unsure how to get around with the Bug.

I've been so used to just walking out the door with our 3 month old daughter in the stroller and essentially being able to walk everywhere and get things done, even over extended periods of time...this clearly doesn't seem to be the case in HK where you need to rely on taxis a lot more not to mention all the stairs and escalators!

I really don't want to give up the bug for a variety of reasons (initial investment, quality product and easy to manouvere, baby loves it and can take "quality" naps vs. umbrella stroller or carrier, on and on and on...)

Would love to hear from current Bug users as to their experiences and how you make it work...I know you're out there since I've seen you on the streets but figured it would be weird to stalk you around the city ;)).

Specifically, where would you and where wouldn't you take the bug and what do you do about getting in and out of taxis (again would love to figure out a way to not have to use the maxi cosi seat as baby can't sleep well in there...can I just detach the Bug seat and put in the back of a taxi??)

Sorry tons of questions so maybe just hearing a few examples and experiences will help!