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What do you wish you had brought with you?

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    I miss the variety of items I used to get in the US, and of course the better pricing on name brands that you get shopping via Costco or Amazon.

    But as far as the things we bring or bring over when coming back from visits, it generally is a specific brand that we have developed a preference for. A random example is the type of toothpaste we want (the gel / mint flavor, etc). Yes, you can get say 'Colgate' here but will you have the same choice as the 25 different variations of Colgate from the US? No. And if you have developed a taste for a specific flavor then you'll get annoyed if you have to change (and I'm using this just as an example, not because I'm some toothpaste snob).

    We brought over, in bulk:

    hair gel
    pasta sauce
    bbq sauce (from a local joint that we loved)
    salad dressing
    laundry detergent
    diaper wipes (huge savings buying in bulk in the US vs. prices here for name brand wipes).
    razor blades
    spare bed linens (we brought our US bed which is a different size than the HK ones).
    popcorn salt (which I have never seen over here)

    These are primarily items that "will keep" and that we would eventually need. We had the space for storing things and shipping. These are not things I would have brought over if we were living in a smaller place. I should also note I ordered most via Amazon Prime so there wasn't a big hassle involved pickings up at the store and bringing it home.

    We also stocked up on some larger sized clothes, including the basics like t-shirts, underwear, socks etc as I wear a bit bigger than the local sizes. I bought a new pair of shoes before leaving the US which I liked so much I bought a second identical pair as a backup since it's hard to find large shoes here.

    On my next trip back I'll bring some western children's books because I find many of them here are imported from the US and UK and you have to pay quite a premium for them.

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    LOL! i'm a toothpaste snob, too! in 16+ years in hk... i've bought toothpaste twice! i always buy tubes and tubes of it when i'm at home... and every visitor that comes pays their way with TOOTHPASTE!.... for me, it's the cinnamon close-up that i love...

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