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QMH delivery: what stuff shall I prepare (to take with me)_

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    QMH delivery: what stuff shall I prepare (to take with me)_

    Hi all,

    It looks like i will be delivering in QMH within 2 weeks. I have been seeign dr. ghosh but have decided to go for the public route for delivery.

    Please can anyone help me prepare a list of stuff that I should take with me when we goto the hospital for delivery. i heard the public hospital do expect you to bring a lot of things.

    Thanks a lot.

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    Bring some cash to go to starbucks coffee. Decent junk food and internet access...:)))) That s all you ll need!!

    I think they have a list of stuff you have to bring like waterproof mattress protectors, maternity pads,maternity underwear etc...

    Bring your own drugs for sure because the only thing you ll get from them is panadol...
    A box of cereal for breakfast.
    A bath towel to have your shower they don t have any...
    Something to read either a novel or some magazines
    Your own pillow if you re fussy with pillows
    Shower gel,shampoo etc.

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    I think the public hospitals have a list of stuff that you should take. I delivered at United Christian. I assume the QMH list would be similar but to be safe ask someone on the forums to give you that list if you can't get it from your MCH. I heard for QMH there is a shop nearby that stocks all that stuff so you could pick it up easily.

    The funny part is its quite a long list but the locker next to the bed doesn't hold a big suitcase... so you might consider carrying two smaller bags. You could also pack just the things you need for the delivery and immediately after and have your husband bring the rest later... like you needn't carry a huge pack of diapers initially.

    If you're planning to breastfeed, I'd recommend you take the cream for nipple soreness. At UCH, the nurses kept telling me to put a little of my milk to heal the cracks that appeared but that really didn't help. When I got home and used the cream, it was such a relief.

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    You need:

    - bedpads for delivery and afterwards, I think they recommend you bring 10--you can buy packs of those at the 7eleven at QMH or we bought mine at the Chinese dispensary near our apartment, you can always use them later for disposable changemats for baby
    - maternity pads...I bought the kotex ones for the first week and then you can use your regular pads once the bleeding has calmed down
    - magazines
    - snacks
    - a cup for water
    - toiletries
    - socks/slippers
    - lanolin for nipples like the above post
    - if breastfeeding, make sure your painkillers are ok for breastfeeding...I stuck to the panadol they gave me
    - definitely pillows if you're fussy because theirs aren't very comfortable
    - I used the pajamas they provided because I didn't want to dirty my own
    - disposable underwear so you can just throw things away
    - diapers for baby and wipes for baby
    - earplugs in case it's noisy
    - eyemask if you need darkness for sleep because there's always a little light in the ward

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    In addition to those already mentioned above… here’s my experience from QMH last September:

    - birth plan if you have one, we gave it to them upon arrival, they reconfirmed everything with us before hand and were very good at following it during delivery, including using massage as pain relieve and getting my husband involved to massage my lower back!
    - a CD with your favorite music which you can play in the delivery suite
    - bed pads: suggest you not to bother buying before hand, just get at 7-11 on ground floor of hospital… hubby was sent down to get those when I was getting ready to move to delivery suite as we got the “wrong” brand… apparently what they sell there is thicker & larger (which was good for change mat for baby afterwards!)
    - maternity pads: again hospital suggested to get the kotex tied ones which we got a pack from 7-11, I used up those while in hospital and changed to my preferred ones afterwards
    - diaper & wipes for baby, you will need to provide your own.
    - snacks for sure, they only serve very bland meal… or get your visitors to bring you stuff. i also had a few juice box as I recall they only give water & boxed skim milk… starbucks is there but you may not feel well enough to go up & down post delivery.
    - breastfeeding pillow would help if you plan to bf…
    - clothing: both baby & mom have hospital PJ’s provided, just bring one set for your departure; a shawl / sweater would help as you may feel a bit cold after delivery (i asked for additional blanket), the padded jacket which they provide don’t look so comfy.
    - ipod for music & to block out noise
    - phone / camera with charger… you can also bring the camera the delivery suite (the midwife helped us to take our first family pic!), no video allowed though…

    not sure if you are going the public route or going private (i was a private patient), if public you won’t be in the same room for pre and post delivery and it’s really limited space to lock stuff up. it’s best to bring only what you need when checking in for delivery, and ask someone to bring you the rest afterwards.

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