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Discovery Montessori School

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    Discovery Montessori School

    I'm considering Discovery Montessori School for my daughter and though we currently only plan on being in Hong Kong for three years if we end up being there for longer I'm wondering what her educational path will look like after age 6.

    Does anyone know where kids from DMS typically go after Montessori?


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    Do you mean what Montessori school for kids after 6 years or which school in DB after 6 years old? As the DB Montessori school has only been open less than a year, I doubt there will be any experience of where kids from that school go after 6 years. Can give you some info on other schools in DB if that is what you are after (ie: not Montessori schools).

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    after 6 if u want to continue with montessori system then only option available in hk is IMS

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    Hi, my son who is now 2 and a half years old has been going to DMS for a year now and we have very good experience with the school and the teachers there.

    If you are someone who knows about the Montessori approach and feel very strongly that your daughter can benefit from the approach, then it would be really worthwhile for you to consider DMS.

    I guess to help you decide - you should call them up and arrange a tour, talk to the principal and teachers. I can only advise you on the experiences we have so far. My son had been to various school in the area including the DMK, and we are really pleased that he is going to DMS and he has gained a lot from the Montessori approach. Do PM me if you want to know more.

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