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hmmm expensive or cheap pre nursery?

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    hmmm expensive or cheap pre nursery?

    i've already paid a deposit for a spot at learning habitat in hung hom (PM class) but we just got a call today for last minute interview with local kindergarten near home (interview next week).

    I'm trying to do some research but the Suen Mei kindergarten is so local i can't find anything in English and I can't read chinese.

    I really can't decide which is better? We can afford both but learning habitat is a bit on the high side... not to mention all those 'miscellanous fees' yet to come. Not sure if we want to be moaning about fees for the next few years...

    but i worry that i can't help with any of my son's homework if he gets into suen mei...

    AND learning habitat has a list of the primary schools their graduates get into, of which all our 'aimed for' primary schools are on there... Not sure if I'm being overly optimistic here.

    DILEMMA!!! Any thoughts, comments, experiences, suggestions, all welcomed!

    One option I did think of was to go to learning habitat for this school year, and then try to apply to kentville and soka next year for K1?

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    My friend's kid is starting at Suen Mei (she pronounces is Shun Mei, same one?). They also got into Learning Habitat but she didn't like them, or their attitudes. She seems happy and Shun Mei was her first choice.

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