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Not eating at nursery

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    Not eating at nursery

    Hi All

    My sister in the UK is going back to work full-time and is putting her daughter into day care / nursery 3 days a week. Her daughter is 1 year and she has slowly transitioning into the nursery. My sister left her for the first time for half a day and her daughter refused to eat her lunch and now my sister is worried. Lunch was quiche, rice and salad which doesnt sound very baby friendly but i was just wondering if anyone else had experienced this and what you did. Im hoping that her daughter will start to eat soon.

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    i was thinking exactly the same thing... salad? for a 1 year old? not very baby friendly at all. i wouldn't worry about it. she is only there for 1/2 day, you said. no reason why she couldn't have lunch afterwards. also, she has to get used to eating at nursery.

    my daughter, at 3 years of age, didn't eat lunch at school for the first 2 days.... and she is there from 8:30am-5:30pm. i told her that she'd get hungry if she didn't eat... by the third day, she agreed with me. she now eats everything they give her and often asks for second helpings.

    it's just a phase that will pass, like everything else in childhood...

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