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    Just wondering if any moms have given their babies (under 1 year of age) vitamins. My daughter has never been a great milk drinker - she has refused formula and has been breastfed until now. She is 8 months old next week. We started her on solids when she was 5.5 months old and this week have just increased her solid intake to 3 meals a day - rice cereal in the morning and then congee with veggies and meat for lunch and dinner. She also breastfeeds 3 times a day - once early in the morning, once before her morning nap and before she goes to bed. She has always been on the light side weight-wise - gaining weight slowly and always just under the 10% curve. Someone suggested that maybe I should give her vitamins to boost her nutrition....not sure if that is needed and am wondering if any other mums give vitamins to their babies who are under 1. THanks!

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    I personally wouldn't give vitamins to her. She is getting breastmilk 3 times a day plus the solid food which I'm sure provides more than enough nutrition at this point in time. The vitamins in food and breastmilk would be much more readily absorbed by the body than any man-made vitamins would. I also wouldn't worry about her weight given her current diet. Double check those charts you are using too - if they are the US based measurements remember that the data would be based on larger, and predominantly formula fed babies (they tend to be bigger in the first year I believe). Better to use the WHO charts. But regardless, if she is otherwise healthy then don't worry about her size.

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    i gave my first son vitamins between the age of 6-12 months. he was on formula by then and eating normal, so it was just a supplement. we used Enfamil's Tri-Vi-Sol which comes in droplet form so we just put into his formula. Our American pediatrician recommended it to us.

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    My 10 month old has been under the 10% curve for a while as well. He is now having solid 3 times a day: oatmeal as breakfast, and congee/pasta + veggies + meat as lunch and dinner. He is also having 2 bottles of expressed milk (6-7oz each) during the day + breastfeed before bed, midnight and early in the morning. Besides of the weight, he is active and healthy, so I wouldn't worry about giving him vitamin or formula at this stage.

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    I also wouldn't worry about giving vitamins, the best most digestible source of everything they need is the bm/formula and food.

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