My wife just delivered our first baby last week at the Sanatorium, and since we got a lot of information on this forum it's time to give some feedback to help other families decide where to give birth:


Midwife & nursing staff generally very good. Dozens and dozens, and the majority spoke good English, were friendly and helpful. The odd one was a bit short or offhand but overall very happy with the staff

Delivery room - very private, spacious and well equipped. No shower or bath, but pretty good otherwise.

Delivery progress - they stressed us out by making us fill in (almost) dozens of forms when we arrived, but looking back this must have been a period for the staff to observe my wife, make some clinical assessments etc. They did assure us if she was more advanced they would skip this part! In the end she gave birth in less than 7 hours from contractions to delivery, and the midwifes and Dr were excellent the whole way through.

Cleanliness - spotless, regularly cleaned and never had any concerns


Baby wasn't allowed to be stay with Mummy overnight in the shared ward, although the staff were very happy to wake her up on schedule or on baby demand to breastfeed in the designated room. We knew this in advance, but just listing it in case others find useful.

Food - so-so at best

Biggest negative: other mothers! The people she shared her 6 person ward with were loud, inconsiderate and made the whole process more stressful. Some small examples, none of them big things but stressful when added together at an already stressful time (establishing breastfeeding)

1. Keeping/eating durian in the ward (the staff should have clamped down on this, smelly food is expressly prohibited)
2. Loud phonecalls and large groups of visitors all talking at high volume
3. Group of fathers standing by the window and watching/encouraging their horses on Wed night (Happy Valley race night)
4. Cracking and eating walnuts from midnight to 2am when everyone was trying to sleep

She was also surprised to be the only one in the bf'ing room in the early hours, despite their being 30 babies in the nursery! More support from other mothers and shared experience would have helped! We should mention the staff were very supportive, and our baby is now happily breastfeeding here at home.

So, overall the experience was positive, although I do suspect she would have had a better time at the Matilda. I think you are basically assured of excellent clinical support wherever you go here (public/private) but the reason people choose private is for a better overall experience... which was a bit lacking at the Sanatorium.