just read a msg via fb there is an accident found on a 0/3baby plastic gate about the large gap - 6cm. i had it installed at the kitchen door also and do face the similar problem that my son arms and legs can get thro' the gap.

though i believe there is no fault of the gate itself for sure such a big brand should have all safety test covered. but if you have pet and do concern about the gap, please reconsider if it fits you.

following points to consider before purchase:
1. width of the door (some gates can add extension but some cannot)
2. material of the gate (plastic/ metal) - i prefer plastic cause' i'm afraid metal will go rush some time after
3. single or two ways openings - i perfer two ways
4. double lock - less easy for the child to open himself
5. auto swing - not important for me
6. gap - sure small gap is better.
7. see thro' gate instead of one piece board - can see the movement of baby.