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Pediatric Endochronologist

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    Pediatric Endochronologist

    We are looking at moving to HK in the next few months and our 2yr old daughter has Congenital Hypothyroidism.

    We will need to see a Pediatric Endo quite regularly and hoped there was someone out there that could help.

    Any recommendations ??


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    I know it's totally unrelated but my daughter has a rare form of dwarfism and needs to see many different specialists due to her condition. We have found the public health care system to be fantastic with her needs. I personally believe that the care that we have had at the public hospitals has in many ways exceeded what we could have found privately, due to the public hospitals having many resources and contacts that a private doctor would not have. Queen Mary hospital is a teaching hospital connected to Hong Kong university and medically it has exceeded our expectations (although at times I think that the level of PERSONAL care has been a little disappointing). Also we are blessed that Duchess of Kent Children's Hospital is a very well recognised orthopedic hospital and they manage much of my daughter's care. In addition, through the Hong Kong public health care system, we have had consultations with two very well recognised doctors from overseas - one from Australia and one from Canada. I would encourage you to look into the public health care system. I know that my daughter's issues are very different to yours - but she also has many medical issues and the system here has more than met my expectations :) Hope that helps a little...

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