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If FDH breaks the law

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    If she really did steal, then you have to get rid of her.
    We once got rid of a PT who we discovered was taking small things from our flat, like books and CDs. It wasn't the money (it's not like she was stealing jewelry) and, when confronted, she returned most of the items. But we couldn't trust her to be home alone with our stuff after that. We'd always be looking over our shoulders to see if something was missing.
    That said, be 100% SURE that your helper really did steal. Is your MIL elderly? Is she prone to exaggeration? Could she have mis-understood?
    You definitely don't want someone (who is probably in huge debt) to lose her job if it's on a flimsy accusation.

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    Is your MIL living with you ? at the end, everybody will feel bad from now. You, because you don't know if you can trust her, and if you talk to her about it, she will be resentful toward your MIL. If you fire her without knowing and that she is innoncent (maybe she paid for the things she took but your MIL didn't understand it ?), you'll feel terrible too.
    Do you like her ? is she doing a good job for your family ? so talk to her, and let her know you don't accept this kind of behaviour, should it happen in the future.

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