We are unfortunately looking for a new helper and are desperate for a recommendation. Our current helper was okay - we've got dogs and she is good enough with them, but lately she has started ignoring my instructions and unfortunately lying about things. We recently moved and I'm going to give birth at the end of August with our first baby, so maybe she is unhappy and wants us to fire her so we'll give her the month's notice, though I've tried to ask her but she won't say this is the case. We are a couple with dogs, we both work full-time, we live in Tai Po. We pay fairly and have always had good relationships with our helpers - even this relationship now is 'fine', but we are getting increasingly nervous about leaving our newborn with our current helper considering that she is already disregarding our instructions. She also doesn't have any experience with newborns, though we are paying to send her to childcare and first-aid classes right now (ironic, now that we are deciding not to keep her). We are looking for someone who is mature, has some experience with newborns and is comfortable around older, relaxed dogs. Is there anyone out there who knows of a helper who fits this description?