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Moving to HK -Mid-Levels w toddler?

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    Quote Originally Posted by starbucks2 View Post
    I have also heard of the issues with Happy Valley transport at peak times. A friend lives there and says the buses are very full and taxis's impossible to get in the mornings.
    I can assure you, it beats having to take a bus+ferry+bus/taxi any day. For most people in DB, the commute to work is about an hour. Aside from the commute, doing *anything* outside of DB is an hour+; bday parties, doctor visits, rugby tournaments, out on the town, dinner with friends, junk trip from central etc etc etc.
    Its a place on to itself, a lovely self contained enclave that some people love and some hate.

    HC - DB is less "local" if thats what you mean by it not being Hong Kong. Having said that, there are lots of Chinese people there as well as lots of other cultures and that is one of the things I like about it. It is diverse in its culture.
    It may be diverse but it is just not Hong Kong; its not local at all.
    DB lacks every single thing that makes Hong Kong what it is.
    Its green, its safe, its lovely, its clean, its beautiful, its diverse, its quiet and the 16,000 residents who make it home love it but its Poughkeepsie and not NYC.

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    There are lots of families in Mid Levels. Check out the end of Conduit Road (near the little park), Hatton Road, Po Shan Road and Kotewall Road. It's less dense at this end and a bit more green. It's also convenient for transport (minibuses and taxis) and really easy and quick to get to Central to take the kids to activities or go out and meet friends. If you face onto the hillside and not the road itself, the air quality is reasonably good for Hong Kong. (Don't think the air quality would be so good on Robinson Road or Caine Road though as they don't face into the hillside). If you like to walk, you can walk up to the Peak from Hatton Road along a paved path (no cars).

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