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Resonable rates for learning Cantonese - Looking for a tutor

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    Resonable rates for learning Cantonese - Looking for a tutor

    Hello - can anyone help in finding a tutor who can tech basic cantonese? I have browsed through geoexpat and other language centre website and per hour charge is high

    I'm happy to pay $100/hr incase interested , kindly leave ur tel no for the benefit of the group

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    Hong Kong

    I think it is unlikely to find a capable teacher for that amount. Most Hong Kong people have no idea how to teach Cantonese to people who don't speak some other form of Chinese and those who are professional teachers are more likely to charge in the area of 400 - 500 HK$ per hour. One approach is to get some book with CD (like the titles from Greenwood press), mainly teach yourself and ask / pay a native speaker to check and help with pronunciation.

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