To complicate the low milk supply issues I've been having lately, my 3-month-old has now decided that she prefers to suck her thumb over breastfeeding/suckling.

She discovered her hands about a month ago and in the past week has discovered how to suck her thumb.

Today I thought she was quite hungry because she hadn't fed well in the afternoon so I set about feeding her about 5 pm which when she usually has a feed when I get home but she wasn't interested in breastfeeding. So, I waited another hour and tried again--she fed for a very short time. Then again 2 hours later I fed her but again she only nursed for a very short time and then spit my breast out of her mouth and went for her thumb. I tried to get her to re-latch but she wasn't interested.

I've read that in order to keep a good milk supply you shouldn't offer suckling supplements like pacifiers and we haven't done that but. But what do you do when it comes to a thumb?!

This milk supply situation seems to be getting desperate!