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Policystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) --- good doctor recommendation in Hong Kong?

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    Policystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) --- good doctor recommendation in Hong Kong?

    I went to Christine Choy several weeks for the first time for my papsmear checkup. When she was looking in down there, she told me "you have a condition that makes you gain weight very easily" without elaborating, she just told me to never eat rice again. Seemed like she was in such a hurry, I didn't even get to ask any questions, so I don't even know what I have......

    I did some research and I suspect that I have Policystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). I've always had irregular periods, I was alwasy very fit but after I turned 25 I've been on a downhill spiral, I'm 27 now... I've gained 25 pounds in the last 2 years!...... I tried exercising and eating right but I can't seem to shed any weight, but to be honest I could have tried harder.

    Now I want to see another doctor who is actually willing to answer questions and is not in a hurry for the next patient who he/she is charging a whopping $900 for the 5mins he/she is seeing her.

    My question is, can any obgyn diagnose whether or not I have PCOS properly and can give me all the info I need? Or do I have to see one of the more specialized obgyn for proper treatment?

    Please give me some recommendations. Would really really appreciate it!

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    It is not a good idea to make a self-diagnosis and jump to conclusions about what you have. By all means, see a different obstetrician and have a thorough check-up and discussion. I am guessing that most obstetricians would be able to examine you and diagnose, however if you want you can see a fertility expert. Many years ago (living in another city) I had multiple miscarriages and the obstetrician there sent me for a number of tests to try to find out the reason for miscarriages. We also suspected PCOS and I even went to an endocrinologist to check out my thyroids. In the end the tests all came out negative. Here in HK, I see Dr Mike Rogers for my routine check ups. He did not deliver my baby as my previous obstetrician retired. Dr Rogers is very experienced, was a professor at some of the teaching hospitals here. I find he has a good bedside manner but his fees are not cheap - about the same as Dr Choy whom you saw. He is in Jardine House, tel 27154577.

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    I was told I had pcos as well by one OB. She said so becox she was unable to explain my irregular pms... Like u, I did some research but it made me more confused. I finally went visit dr Tony lee of family planning in Tsuen wan. He is very patient, explained me what is pcos, answered my questions. He is caring doctor, after going thru my medical history he opted out that I got pcos.. Your doctor seem to have came on a conclusion fast.. Pls visit another OB. Dr lee is charging 250$ per visit but there a twist. He is base in Tsuen wan.. It's 45 mins from where I'm located.. He specialists in infertility

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    You should call Dr Choy's office and ask for a copy of your medical records. She may have written more information than what she told you/what you remember (I know I often forget details of dr visits...) But then I'd definitely go to another doctor who is willing to talk with you about what is going on!!

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    The impatience of some doctors in Hong Kong, given the fees they charge, is ridiculous! I remember seeing one gynie in Sheung Wan because I was spotting, who spotted a cyst on my ovary. Told me to come back in two months if the spotting continued. It did and I went back and she said ok it has grown, you need surgery and scribbled down the name of two hospitla sand told me to call her if I wanted the surgery, without explaining anything! Getting info out of her was like pulling teeth! I ended up seeing Dr. Eric Lee in Prince's Building who was very patient and explained everything in detail. He actually sat with me for half an hour Helps that his speciality seems to be endometriosis. You might try seeing him. I didn't end up doing the surgery, although he recommended it, because I wanted to try and do away with the cyst using natural methods. He was also accepting of my decision, albeit a little skeptical ;)

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    Most can give you the diagnosis by doing an ultrasound to check your ovaries. Not everybody with PCOS have the common "symptoms"... Like I, for example, am not obese/fat nor have lot of body hair.

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