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Is it me or is this nuts?

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    Shenzhennifer is offline Registered User
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    Get her to sign her resignation, with witness. Then pay her the salary you owe her for remaining time and ask her to leave forthwith, like in regular cases. If she officially resigns, it takes the pregnancy out of question, no?

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    Liquorice, I would be very careful also about her offer to resign in 2 months given your initial offer of $23,000 ect, given the character of this helper you have described. I would be surprised if she is genuinely willing to walk away in 2 months time without any bonus ect, so tread carefully. Get some legal advice and document everything with witnesses, the more impartial the better.

    Fingers crossed for you this resolves quickly without too many complications.

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    Liquorice is offline Registered User
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    Thank you all for your advice. Fingers crossed indeed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by carang View Post
    am i missing something?

    the helper has already quit (given her notice)... how can she "change her mind"? surely if she has already given notice and quit the employer is no longer under any legal obligation to retain her if she "changes her mind"....
    Yes,agree. She is probably using the pregnancy as a reason to leave. No need to involve yourself on the ins and outs of what you should do during pregnancy. The first trimester is the time when you feel the most tired.
    The more 'involved' you get, in her situation (and you will never know the complete truth in my opinion) she might see you as someone she could manipulate.
    Just accept she wants to leave.

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