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Goatmilk formula questions

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    You can buy goatsmilk formula at a bunch of places, including citisuper, apita, bumps2babes etc... There are different brands everywhere but it's all goats milk. I haven't seen it at wellcome/parknshop. I ended up having to take my daughter off goatsmilk as she is allergic to it (as well as cows milk) but she does well on soy.

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    I used to give my son Meyenberg goat milk powder (not formula, just regular milk powder) which is available in Olivers. I weaned him off breastmilk when he turned 1yr and found that he was allergic to cow's milk. (I think it was b/c he had no prior exposure to it as we never fedhim formula). Anyway he eventually was able to drink regular cow's milk -which was lucky as the goat milk was quite expensive!

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    I like the Karihome brand too. I'm using it now to make my baby's cereal/oats in the morning. I primarily breastfeed but he's also tried the goat milk on its own and he likes it. No bad allergy reactions either.
    I chose goat milk because it is proven to have the most similar nutritional make up as human breast milk.
    I've tried to find fresh goat milk in HK before without any luck. Do let me know if you find it.

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