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Air con - overnight?

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    Shenzhennifer is offline Registered User
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    Jul 2008
    Tsuen Wan

    We all love ac here. My 2yo sleeps in short 2pc pjs with grobag in ac room. We sleep in same room as 4 month old, who wears light footed pjs with a very light blanket that she often kicks off. I love my ac.

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    AmyH is offline Registered User
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    Dec 2008
    Gold Coast

    We also use the air con for both of the children and ourselves! I wouldn't leave the windows open for fear of mosquitos and cockroaches coming in at night!

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    Louiseamanda is offline Registered User
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    Jul 2005

    The aircon is not healthy but its difficult to sleep as the temp goes beyond 24/5 i find.
    we use our and daughters on dehumidifier setting (we changed the aircon throughout our flat to high quality split aircon-we can't stand the noisy box type)

    Using on dehumidifier bring the room temp down and is easier on your bill.

    Don't forget a good ceiling fan, makes big difference.

    Plus depends on the flat/house, ours keeps the cool quite well. Our last place was like a sauna upstairs, so we painted the outside of the roof white, which lowered the bedroom temps a couple of degrees (ordered from UK )

    Don't forget a filter (which needs replacing regularly and aircon needs cleaning)

    I dont know how anyone puts up with the old noisy aircon boxes in expensive rentals. THey are a risk, I think (asthma/bronchial infections)

    My daughter gets runny nose regularly with aircon use - what can you do, its just not a healthy thing, but we have to use them here, its too hot!

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    2010-NewDad is offline Registered User
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    Dec 2010
    Hong Kong

    Ahh yes - I run a standalone dehumidifier 24/7 in the summer. Bringing the humidity down definitely makes temperature more bearable.

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    TNT is offline Banned
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    Feb 2010
    Hong Kong

    Just a different take - we very rarely have the air con on all night for either us or the children. We have it on dry economy setting in the main living area during most of the day with the temp set at 24 degrees from around mid June til Sept ish. As we are in a one level apartment this keeps the temperature down in the rest of the place. If it is very hot we put it on in the childrens bedroom before they go to bed around 7pm ish and may leave it on til we go to bed, but usually we turn it off when they go to bed and have a stand up fan. Both kids wear summer pj's, the 2 year old is also in a v light sleeping bag but with only the top done up so his legs are free. 4 year old has a light quilt but usually sleeps without it. We have tried the air con but found both kids woke even earlier than usual as they were too cold and also seemed to cough a lot more during the night. Windows are open if there is a breeze and pollution is not too bad, but otherwise closed.

    We also only have a fan in our bedroom and sleep with no clothes and just a sheet over us. We both find air con very drying making us sneeze and get blocked noses so this works fine for us. If it is particularly hot we'll put the aircon for a while before bed, but haven't done that for a while.

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    MommyTo3 is offline Registered User
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    Feb 2008

    We sleep without airconditioning. I usually turn it on for a little bit and then switch it off. I sleep on top of the sheets, in a t-shirt and I am fine. If I am really hot during the night, I may switch it on for a little longer. During the day we have it off as well, we run dehumidifiers and occassionally when it's too hot we run the a/c. The children will have the a/c on the timer for 2-4 hours when going to bed on 24 degrees and then it switches off automatically and they're fine (their rooms still feel fresh and fairly cool in the morning). They sleep with a sheet and a thin pj, my oldest sometimes just wears undies.

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    carang is offline Registered User
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    Sep 2004
    Sai Kung

    wah! must say, i am jealous!

    this is how i sleep:

    1)split air-con is DIRECTLY over me, blowing on HIGH cool 16C
    2)ceiling fan above the bed to direct the cold air onto me
    3) light camisole
    4) very thin blanket/sheet
    5) stand up fan pointed at me
    6) most nights i have an ice pack under my head

    i kid you not.... i STILL wake up with a wet pillow and wet camisole because i'm sweating.

    hubby beside me sleeps with a t-shirt, long sleeved sweatshirt and 2 blankets.... sometimes even a woollen hat!

    my kids take after me. if they get the least bit hot, they wake up 6X/night!

    we live in a village house, our bedroom is on the top floor and is sauna like without the aircon. the kids sleep on the middle floor which is slightly cooler than our bedroom without air con...

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    TheQuasimother is offline Registered User
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    Nov 2009
    Hong Kong

    LOL! I can related to Cara! My husband whinges about how cold it gets in the room. He's dressed like it's winter. Ironic given that he grew up in a country where COLD COLD winters are a norm and I grew up in a tropical country!
    I have to have the a/c running through the night. We keep the house air-conditioned from sundown to prevent mozzies and bugs from coming in. During the day, the fan is running or we'd have the a/c running at 24 degrees - only the main a/c in the living room is turned on. Seems to work well. Also at night, all 3 rooms are air-conditioned - Helper sleeps in 1, son in one and us in another (with our daughter who is dressed in just her jammies, she doesn't like the blanket).

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