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Airlines - ticketing requirements for infants

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    Quote Originally Posted by banane76 View Post
    Yeah, infants cost usually 10% of the adult ticket.
    A key thing is whether they charge 10% of the adult ticket price that you pay on booking, or 10% of the full rack rate. When I flew back to the UK in May I flew with KLM instead of Cathay as my son's ticket (then 5 months old) was 10% of the really good online KLM deal that I paid for my seat, whereas Cathay wanted 10% of the full published rack rate which was 10% of double the fare that I would have paid for my seat and almost 3 times as much as I paid on KLM for him. On KLM you can specify 'infant', input the age and do it all online.

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    I usually call the airline directly to book the infant fare and then I just book the whole family together. The prices are generally the same as online anyway. At least in my experience, they have been. This past trip, I needed to travel not only with an infant, but also with "medical clearance" for her, requesting oxygen to be available for the flight. I managed to do it all over the phone and a little via email/fax.

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    Yup, Cathay is DODGY for infant tickets. Supposedly 10% but on INFLATED rate(the highest possible advertised rate) and then you have to add tax. I believe Air Canada (we flew back home on them over Cathay bc of this issue) charged the actual 10%.
    We are flying Cathay back to Canada next week and only chose them because hubby could get a ticket on airmiles. We are paying over $20K for 1 adult, 1 child, and 1 infant. Ridiculous.
    Most airlines we have dealt with make you call them for booking infant tickets.

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    For the record, DO NOT book infant ticket on Dragonair's website. They charge the same as an adult ticket! Have asked them why but they couldn't explain.
    You could buy the adult ticket online and then buy the non-seat-taking infant ticket (10% of adult ticket) by:
    - calling them and paying via credit card (u can book seats, bassinet and baby meal attached to your adult booking),
    - calling them to make reservation first and paying at their counter, or
    - buying directly from their counter if u don't need bassinet and baby meal.

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    Seems like it is not just me who has been befuddled by this experience! Thank you everyone for your input! I guess it is back to the way things were done pre-internet then - lots of phone calls, spelling out names and credit card numbers on the "Yes, R for rabbit, not L for London" etc etc!

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