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Queen Mary Hospital - Dads?

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    Queen Mary Hospital - Dads?

    Morning all,
    I am due to deliver at QM at the end of august, and would love to know what the situation is regarding my husband staying with me. I've heard conflicting reports about dads getting kicked out until the last 10 minutes or so, and I'm not overly happy about this. Also, does anyone know anything about the private ward option, and what this includes/involves? I was recently in QM just for the day as there were some difficulties with the baby, and i was in a public ward which was fine, but I'm not sure how I feel about being in labour and in a ward with many other moaning and groaning women...!
    It's my first baby, and I'm trying to get myself as informed as possible about the whole business.
    Thanks :)

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    i was in QMH ward 13 times over 2 pregnancies, and i must say that only twice did i have to listen to women moaning & groaning.... one of those times the woman went from "being hours and hours away from delivery"....according to the on duty nurse.... to delivery in one massive scream and delivered her baby on a tidal wave of amniotic fluid in the bed beside me!

    as for their current policies regarding dads, it would be best to ask them directly but to remember that sometimes you may get a more lenient nurse/midwife who will bend the rules just a little bit for you...

    good luck! very exciting time for you!

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    I was in QMH 10 months ago giving birth to my second child. My first was also born there. First time round I was in the labour ward for hours (!) and dads were only allowed in during admission and visiting hours. Not much moaning and groaning going on except for 1 lady who was clearly about to give birth in the next few minutes! As soon as you get rolled into the delivery room, dads get suited up in a little changing room down the hall, and join you 5 minutes later. They stay until the birth and beyond!
    With my second I arrived at the hospital and went through to the delivery room straight away! While my husband was putting the lovely gown on, our baby was already making her way out! By the time my husband joined me, it only took 5 more minutes till our daughter was born!
    As far as I know, you can only use the private ward when you arrive at the hospital. No advance bookings. First come first served kind of thing. And the cost is similar to private hospitals, so check that your insurance covers it!
    All in all I had a good experience both times. Medical care is top notch. But don't expect lavish surroundings! And it's pretty noisy during the nights too. Food is ok, though I had my husband bring in stuff from Starbucks downstairs! Most staff speak some english, and I found that there was always 1 particular nurse who manned the "foreigners" during her shift! Baby stays next to you at all times, but if you want to have a shower you can ask for your baby to be put into the nursery - which is under lock and key!

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    Agree with mariaindb. My experience was back in sep 2009 but same. In prenatal and postnatal wards dads including other visitors are allowed in only during visiting hours. Husband accompanied me throughout time in labour room (he needed to suit up in a purple gown and a nice shower cap! could nip out for a coffee in Starbucks and come back in). I moved to labour room when I was about 3-4 cm opened. Nurse said depending on the case it might not be the best thing to move to labour room too soon as in the prenatal room mums to be could walk about and use the delivery ball etc but once u're in labour room u'd be wired up with monitors so u'd have to stick to the bed.
    Cara the description u provided was so vivid and I couldn't help laughing as so dramatic! While I was there there were quiet ladies and noisy ladies, to the extend I promised myself I won't moan or scream. Some were there for days while witnessed some got pushed straight through to the labour room the second she was rushed into the prenatal ward.
    Etnea I think QMH holds tours through their wards and they'll show u private wards too and explain details.
    Good luck and best wishes~

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    From a friend's experience I know if you need an emergency c-section your husband will not be allowed into the OR.

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