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maclaren strollers?

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    For me, the extra weight of the Techno is not worth the extra 4 months or so that a newborn would be able to use it. I find slings/carriers work great for babies, so I just put my 2nd straight into the Quest when she was old enough to not be fully reclined.

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    Maclaren buggy is not designed for new born, it doesnt provide enough protection and no full recline seat. However, it is perfect for children over 1.5 year old, especially for a packed city like Hong Kong. Techno XT is good.

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    Actually, the Maclaren Techno XT is made for newborns and I've used it for both my sons since birth. It's been amazing and still going strong after 5 years. ITs' great for traveling around airports too since it folds up nice and easily. Like NicoleJoy, we also have the Quest which is a bit lighter. We got it when my 2nd son was born as we needed 2 strollers and didn't want a double one.

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    I believe that the Quest 2012 now fully reclines.

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    Yes, it reclines to 170 degrees like the XT. If you buy from the Mclaren shop they carry the Japanese model which has a larger canopy hood (with a zipper like the XT) :)

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