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baby getting sick post feeding

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    sorry, i wrote 3 months, i meant 3 weeks. neither of my kids ever fed for 30 minutes. my daughter got plenty of hind milk. i produced so much milk, i felt like a milk truck. my daughter was less than 2.5kg when she was born and went from the bottom 2% to 50% in 8 weeks and was at 95% by 6 months. at any given time, her max feeding time was 10-15 min. (total, NOT per side)

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    may be reflex. my daughter had the same problem. small freq feeds help. also try cutting dairy in ur diet

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    Probably not necessary to time feeds - just let baby go until he/she is ready to finish. If there is some extra spillage, so be it. Probably ensures the baby gets the right amount every time. Also according to my LLL book, frequent feeds ensure that the watery/fatty parts of the milk remain mixed thus eliminating that concern. My baby 'spills' (different from vomiting or throwing up) after every feed, often a few times, without fail but she's happy. I think no need to seek medical help unless there is clear distress.

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    As many here have said, many babies routinely spit up. However, to get a sense of what might be considered 'a lot', fill a couple of ounces in baby bottle and spill it. If your baby seems to be spitting up that much every time, and particularly if the baby seems cranky after a feed, you could get it checked out. Also, if you baby is spitting up with great force, like a foot away from himself, that would be called vomitting and you could then consider getting it checked out.

    The excessive spitting up happens because the muscle that holds the milk down in the baby's tummy is not yet strongly developed in some babies. A classic symptom of reflux is when the baby comes off the breast, arching his back and crying. This is because the baby is trying to keep the milk down, sometimes there is acid in the tummy coming up and burning the baby's throat.

    If your baby just seems to be spitting up a lot (ie- couple of ounces), the doctor would normally weigh the baby and if it is putting on weight fine and doesn't seem otherwise unhappy, wouldn't look into it further. If your baby seems very uncomfy and crying a lot, then other stuff might be suggested.

    Some of those includen feeding the baby at an incline (never quite got how this is to be achieved in breastfeeding), putting the baby down to sleep at an incline (did this though not sure if it helped or not), being very gentle when burping the baby.

    Someone above suggested cutting out dairy. My son had reflux and I got conflicting opinions on modifying my diet. In addition to information on the net and on these forums, I saw five pediatricians:
    1. Govt. clinic pediatirician: baby seems fine, your diet not going to make a difference, try feeding on only one breast each time so baby gets lots of hindmilk... too much foremilk might be making him gassy. This did help somewhat.
    2. Pediatrician in my building: baby's weight is fine. do nothing. diet won't help. baby will grow out of it. try a pacifier.
    3. older pediatrician with breastfeeding experience: try modifying your diet, eating only congee, a little pork and greens for a week. If baby is better, we know it's diet. did this but no consensus was reached on whether baby was better or not.
    4. famous expat friendly pediatrician in central: diet could influence but if you have tried modifying your diet and you didn't see a difference forget it. up to you if you want to try medication.
    5. another experienced pediatrician in central: if you can't figure out anything in your diet, forget it.

    Those that advice dietary modifications, suggest dairy first, then eggs, nuts, wheat, garlic, onions, cabbage... it is actually quite a long list. The number of foods that contain just dairy and eggs and have to be eliminated is amazing (although the websites will tell you 'simply eliminate...). As you go along eliminating one thing after another, you might find yourself like me, eating practically nothing at all except rice congee (some even said chicken could cause gas!). The benefit is weight loss. The negative is every meal becoming a nightmare and being hungry all the time. I would NEVER go that route again. My building pediatrician was right... like most babies, my son grew out of it.

    This might not really be relevant to your original question, just sharing my experience with mums out there with reflux babies. If you want to try modifying your diet, go down that road only after a doctor you trust sees your baby and feels that you should be trying it.

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