Hi, I'm trying to assist my helper in finding another job. I hired a couple last year. His job was primarily to look after my dogs while his wife looked after my baby when I went back to work, and also to do some driving.

I ended up not going back to work and his wife ended up getting pregnant & will not continue to work for us, so we have given up the helper couple idea.

Anyway....he is a lovely man. He is from Sri Lanka. He only passed his driving test last year so his driving isn't very good but will get much better with practice I am sure.

What he is VERY good at it is looking after animals / dogs. He walks mine for over 2 hours a day, running them in the hills as well as on the lead on the road. He baths them, feeds them, and really takes care of them. He loves dogs and is very good with them.

He is also very good around children. My little boy lights up whenever he sees him. He is a kind man, very well mannered, mild and very easy to have around the house. He is earnest in his work and always tries his best to do anything you ask him to diligently.

Please let me know if anyone is interested in employing him and I'll give you contact details / my number for a chat if you like.