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Helper - Should She Stay or Go?

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    Jgny, good on ya!

    Just to add, this is one of the best advice I got as far as cooking training is concerned. Requires effort but well worth it. Organise a two week menu. Teach it. After the first two weeks, supervise her doing it. Correct her along the way. After the next two weeks, ask her to do it on her own. Whatever she can, you no longer need to supervise, but whatever she cannot, re-teach and supervise. You keep repeating it until she can cook for two weeks with no drama. After she can, change one of the week's menu and start over (if you wish).

    I hope it works out. I do know how it feels like to be unhappy about some things as I have a helper who is just not keen on general housework. I have trouble locating my work clothes in the morning! But she is excellent in so many other ways that are also important.

    Good Luck! Focus on her positive and work on her negative. Before you know it, the 18 months will go by and you'd have someone who might be able to cook the way you want.

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    Jgny -- I'm in exactly the same boat you're in!
    Today I made my first little "meal schedule". I never did this before. Like you, I enjoy cooking and feel at home in the kitchen, and I'm used to winging it.
    I wrote down some simple dishes for tonight and tomorrow's dinner.
    Then I wrote down what I'd like packed for lunch on Thursday and Friday, when I have to be at work.
    And then I wrote a grocery list with the foods those meals would need. (Boy... training takes alot of work).
    She is going to watch me assemble these meals -- and they are very simple. Rice, stir-fry, omelet, salad, grilled fish, etc. I'm going to make her use a little notebook to take down notes.
    All of us ladies have stresses in our lives, and I think all of us are reasonably educated professionals. So our "common sense" is different from some other people's.
    I think the big question is whether you helper is trying her best, but just not a good cook and needs patience / training.
    Or if she's really lazy / has a bad attitude and is refusing to learn or listen to you.
    It sounds like the former, so it's nice you're giving her another chance. :)

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